Those flags should be black!

Adamo made his karting debut on 22 August, 2001 with a promising display. Having qualified 2nd out of 18, and leading his race for 3 laps early on, he ultimately spun and had to settle for last place in his heat of 9.

Conditions were wet and cold, so the group decided to settle for the modified 6.5 horsepower karts. Even so, the first corner was as slippery as a big wet, slippery, slimy thing. Ever up to the challenge, however, Adamo threw his kart around the track to record the second fastest race lap time, using left-foot braking and an unbeatable pit strategy (no pit stops) to at least salvage some respect. He also resorted to ramming his opponents off track Michael Schumacher-style (hey - it's fair!), but much like Schumacher against Jacques Villeneuve in 1997, came off second best.

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The Race

...down the track.