Only for you...

"In this pizniss is much risico."

"Risico" is the name of a short story written by Ian Fleming and included in For Your Eyes Only, a collection of 5 James Bond adventures first published in 1960.

The title of the story is taken from the opening line (above), where Kristatos is commenting on the risk (risico) involved with the business being discussed. Bond's assignment is to stop a heroin smuggling ring by eliminating the main players, and Kristatos is his principal source of information in Rome.

The movie For Your Eyes Only contains many elements from the "Risico" short story. There has been recurring speculation that the last few James Bond films would actually use the "Risico" title. With "Quantum of Solace" (another short story from the For Your Eyes Only collection) now taken, the chances of a future movie using the "Risico" title seem to have improved.

Below is a strip from the "Risico" comic series featured in The Daily Express, which was based closely on the original story.

James Bond 007 in 'The Smell of Trouble'