Ode to Spino

Lino, Lino, special Spino
Likes to drink a cappuccino
You can take him anywhere
Even in his underwear!

Angelic face but voice of thunder
Legendary lady hunter
Heart of gold, a taste for chocky
Is he our Australian 'Rocky'?

Of course, for some, he's just a lad
Out There, Bad and mighty RAD
But those of us that know him well
Think that would be an under sell.

~ With thanks to G. Doherty

In your opinion, what is it that most makes Lino a 'special Spino'?

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Check the poll results, then have a laugh at his scone in the picture below (that's him on the right). Unfortunately, his kickass web site has been retired, so if you see him, give him an Apollo Creed!

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